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Hengliang textile is a national knitting denim product development base enterprise. After more than ten years of growth and development, Hengliang has become a designated fabric supplier for a number of domestic and foreign clothing brands. Company's high-tech brother enterprise, Jiangyin Fu Bo textile CO., LTD., has been investing in the innovation of color knit denim fabric and cotton warp knitting leisure fabric. The research of developing more comfortable and environmental-friendly products was broadcast in CCTV-2 financial channel special report.

Since the establishment, Hengliang textile has been shortlisted for China's popular fabrics for many years. It won the excellent textile product development award and the market application award for many times and was the winner of the 2015 national textile product development contribution award. In 2015, Hengliang textile was evaluated as the national knitting and denim product development base; in 2017, it formally established Fabrics China Trend Research Center-Knitted Denim Textiles; in 2018, it was evaluated as the FCPP-Warp-knitted Cotton Fabric for Casual Wear.

The company's main products: "indigo knit", "colorful knit" and "cotton warp knitting" three series of knitted denim fabrics have been sold worldwide, hengliang textile has become a number of domestic and foreign brand customers designated fabric suppliers.

The company's characteristic product color-cat COLOR washable knitted denim fabric series, zero-emission technology has been awarded the national invention patent, and has been selected by the American COTTON association WHAT's NEW IN COTTON global partners and is being promoted in the world.

Through the strategic cooperation with the knitting engineering technology research center of jiangnan university, we have mastered a number of patented technologies and realized the mass production of cotton warp knitting series fabrics, which are gaining the favor of many brands and designers and highly concerned by the industry!

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