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Sustainable dyeing techniques

Color - Cat

Color by Cationization.

The name “Color-Cat” comes from “Color by Cationization”.

“Color-Cat“ is the latest first-of-its-kind innovation brought to you by Heng Liang Textile. It is the answer to the industry’s quest for an advanced and sustainable textile dyeing solution that is both eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Singeing no water

Bleaching Save water!

Pad dyeing

Fixing and heat setting No sewage discharge!

EIA report

Jiangyin Hengliang Textile CO. Ltd

Significant savings in energy and water:
According to statistics, the total "power consumption" and "heat consumption" of the color-cat coloring process are only 5% less than that of conventional knitted fabric in dyeing VAT.(the "one-way" validation report by Archroma is available.)

● The first dyeing factory without waste water.

● The first Knitting mill use “continuou’s” Bleaching & Dyeing system.

● The first Color Denim in Knits.

● The first Knit-Denim on line control by Spectrophotometer.

● The first Production : > 600,000 meters for 3 colors ( Khaki, Grey & Dark Green ) on the end of 2014

● The first “Washable” Sulphur color on Knit’s fabric.

● The first “Washable” Brilliance color on Knit’s fabric.

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